United Electric

“The Minerva platform allows us to offer a service that looks better than some of the high dollar solutions that our larger competitors are offering.”

David Girvan, Information Technology Manager, United Electric

Enventis 4-c logo

“Minerva’s Back Office has been very flexible for us and allows us to offer services to our customers that span across multiple DMA’s.”

Lana Eccles, Video Product Manager, Enventis


“We rely heavily on partners like Minerva to deliver the features and services that keep us competitive.”

Paul Hermsen, Plant Administration Manager, Nsight


“In about two weeks we had pulled out all the other company’s middleware and equipment and we had Minerva up and running…It’s fairly amazing how fast we were able to make the switch.”

Michael Crowell, Director of Broadband Services, City of Salisbury


“With the advances that have happened with the Minerva platform we are able to offer advanced services before the larger companies do.”

Russell Leitzen, CTO, KMTelecom


“We chose Minerva based on their best customer experience and their best fit for our network.”

Randy Plaisier, CTO, ComNet





“So far we are very pleased with the way things are going and the vision that Minerva has.”

Richard Wardell, Newtwork Manager, Tri-County Telecom


“Minerva allows us to offer some of the services that our competitor can’t easily do.”

Dennis Hansel, Assistant General Manager, United Telephone


“We had a number of set-top boxes in the field and we did not want to lose that capital investment. As we were looking at Minerva, we liked the features and performance of their platform and its ability to support our existing STBs.”

Donnie Miller, Manager of Broadband Services, Pioneer Telephone