The Minerva platform offers a cost-effective solution for cable and satellite operators who want to gradually transition to an IP-centric infrastructure to enhance their service offerings and reach more devices. The open nature of the Minerva platform enables operators to choose from a broad selection of third-party encoders, video servers, conditional access systems and set-top boxes to assemble pre-certified solutions that best meet their budget and deployment requirements. The Minerva platform supports a complete set of advanced television services including EPG, PPV, VOD, SVOD, set-top box and network based DVR, Whole-home DVR, Catch-up TV, Pause of Live TV and Restart TV. Unique features such as seamlessly mixing multiple linear content sources, including QAM, IP Multicast, and Adaptive Bit Rate streaming, into a single channel line-up, as well as being able to manage and define unique channel packages by device type, provide unprecedented flexibility to cable and satellite operators as they gradually transition from a legacy infrastructure to a hybrid IP solution and finally to an all-IP environment.


With the advances that have happened with iTVManager over the past year with whole home DVR and replay TV, being able to offer some of those services before the larger companies do will help us to compete.

Russell Leitzen
CTO, KMTelecom

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