14 01, 2022

A-Live NFT Powered by Minerva


A-LIVE Partners with Minerva to Offer Fans NFTs of Music Concert One thousand video clips were extracted in real-time from the live stream of a Milan concert and offered to fans as NFTs   January 12, 2022 – San Jose, CA – In December 2021, Coma Cose, a leading Italian hip-hop band, streamed their first augmented reality concert to a broad audience [...]

A-Live NFT Powered by Minerva2022-01-14T10:08:03-08:00
29 11, 2021

Minerva’s Smart Highlights Wins It’s Third Award!


Minerva's Smart Highlights has now won 3 awards for innovation.  The latest is the VideoTech awards for Most Innovative TV Application of the Year!  Read more about it here! See the full list of winners here.

Minerva’s Smart Highlights Wins It’s Third Award!2021-11-29T13:40:21-08:00
19 10, 2021

Smart Highlights Scores Again!


Minerva's innovative Smart Recordings, which allows users to create personalized sports highlight reels of recorded games, just on another honor bringing the total to 4!  Learn more here!  

Smart Highlights Scores Again!2021-10-19T10:49:38-07:00
4 10, 2021

Creating Customer Engagement


Recently Minerva shared best practices for creating engaging user experiences to better attract and retain subscribers.  With so many OTT video services available, subscribers have choice, but they also have knowledge about what makes a great app experience.  Pay TV operators have to keep up.  Learn how in this Minerva webinar.

Creating Customer Engagement2021-10-04T12:19:50-07:00
21 09, 2021

Fall Newsletter


Minerva is proud to announce the selection of our My Highlights feature as winner and finalists for three industry awards. Powered by Minerva’s Smart Recordings, My Highlights takes user recordings of NFL, NBA, MLS and International Soccer games and builds personalized highlight reels. Users can select highlights based on type of play or favorite player. And users can also compress the game [...]

Fall Newsletter2021-09-21T12:55:50-07:00
1 07, 2021

Covid’s Lingering and Lasting Effects on the TV Business


And how to deal with it... July 1, 2021   As much of the US escapes from imposed COVID rules, many businesses are faced with some new realities. Current trends are proving that the post-COVID world will look different for quite some time, if not forever.  Share of wallet is being distributed a little differently. Dollars that funneled heavily into [...]

Covid’s Lingering and Lasting Effects on the TV Business2021-07-02T08:36:18-07:00
28 06, 2021

Access to ACA Webinar Materials: Create Engagement with Differentiated Services


On Thursday June 24th, Minerva’s VP of Marketing, Matt Cuson, and the ACA’s EVP and COO, John Higginbotham, discussed what operators need to do to create value that builds on their natural strengths and key differentiators. There are four key best practices that operators around the world embrace to create a compelling video service. Minerva also has features that [...]

Access to ACA Webinar Materials: Create Engagement with Differentiated Services2021-06-29T10:23:07-07:00
15 06, 2021

YouTube-Roku Squabble Shines a Light on Dynamic Ad Insertion


Source: Next|TV Dust-up points to power of personalization The negotiations around whether YouTube will remain on the Roku platform offer a great lesson. Both sides are posturing and blaming the other for the breakdown in decision-making. Roku has spent a lot of time and money building a platform that boasts more than 53 million subscribers. YouTube is a powerhouse that [...]

YouTube-Roku Squabble Shines a Light on Dynamic Ad Insertion2021-06-22T09:56:20-07:00
25 05, 2021

Access to Webinar Materials: Live in Six


On Tuesday May 25th, Minerva's VP of Marketing, Matt Cuson, and VP of Worldwide Field Engineering, Andy Crowe, discussed the challenges facing operators concerned about the viability of their MobiTV service and how they can leverage Minerva’s cloud hosted managed solution to be up and running in six weeks. Minerva allows operators to efficiently turn their video services into [...]

Access to Webinar Materials: Live in Six2021-05-25T12:39:53-07:00
17 05, 2021

Lessons From the Front Line: The Fall of MobiTV


Mobi wasn’t the first to fall victim of the ruthless market of IP based television. The history of IPTV platforms is littered with major players overwhelmed by the complexity and costs. Companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and Motorola invested tens of billions before giving up. Smaller companies like Myrio and Kasenna showed a promising start but lost their way after acquisitions [...]

Lessons From the Front Line: The Fall of MobiTV2021-05-18T10:42:15-07:00