In the early 1990s, consumers began to experience digital TV technology as service providers were able to transmit significantly more Television channels while utilizing the same amount of bandwidth as analog TV. New service offerings emerged such as direct broadcast satellite TV and digital cable TV, increasing the options available to consumers from a few to hundreds of channels.

In the early 2000s, a second wave of digital video technology (IPTV) hit the market as Telcos, attempting to defend against voice, data and video service bundles offered by cable operators, launched television services delivered over their broadband networks.

In the late 2000s, the third wave of digital TV technology evolution (OTT) began, fueled by new connected consumer devices, advanced streaming media technologies and increased access to broadband services. It became possible for operators to deliver video services to a broad array of devices anytime and anywhere.


Minerva’s goal is to help consumers find the best content and then enjoy it just the way they like it, on their own or together with the people they love, no matter where they are

For the past 20 years, Minerva has been working passionately to transform the television experience. As an IPTV pioneer, we have built the foundations for the next-generation of television. Our recent acquisition of, with its leading artificial intelligence and communication technologies, has propelled us forward and we are now uniquely positioned to shape the future of television. Together with our partners, leading operators and broadcasters, we are changing the way millions of people entertain and inform themselves, leading to a better and more united world.

Major Milestones


Minerva Acquires

The integration of with the Minerva platform enables the experience of sharing and watching live programming together with family and friends. Also, new smart recording functionality automatically generates personalized highlights of sporting events, providing an efficient and unique viewing experience.


Minerva and SES power next-generation OTT services

The joint Minerva and SES solution enables pay TV operators worldwide to launch robust, flexible and scalable OTT video services quickly and cost effectively.


Minerva launches YourTV Now Cloud platform

The turnkey cloud service includes live, on demand and time shifted video services as well as a full range of applications for both set-top boxes and popular consumer devices


Cablevision Argentina deploys Minerva 10

The Minerva 10 platform powers Cablevisión’s Flow, a full suite of next-generation television services. The offering is rapidly embraced by more than 1 million subscribers.


First distributed entertainment delivery platform

Minerva releases Minerva 10, a next generation platform architected to enable the delivery of a highly personalized entertainment experiences to millions of subscribers


First multiscreen deployment

Minerva powers first multiscreen deployments with seamless integration between set-top boxes and mobile devices through a single back-office.
Minerva receives TV Connect 2013 Industry Award for Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV and OTT


First OTT deployment

Minerva powers first pay TV deployment over unmanaged broadband networks.
Minerva is recognized with Telco TV 2012 Vision Award for Best Innovation in Middleware


First blended Pay-TV and Internet video delivery platform

Minerva introduces the first complete solution for the management and
delivery of blended Pay-TV and Internet video services


Powering more than 1 Million devices

More than 1 Million IP-based STBs deliver advanced television
services powered by Minerva's software


First HDTV solution for IPTV

Minerva powers first IPTV deployment with support for HDTV


First IPTV PVR deployment

Minerva deploys first PVR solution for IPTV


First turnkey IPTV system

Minerva deploys first end-to-end IPTV system in the United States