To be the “best place for the best content,” you don’t have to invent everything from scratch. Netflix has had years of practice and mountains of user data to figure out what makes a good user experience. Learn from it. Replicate it. Keep your UI fresh. Move content around. Change poster images. Mix personalized recommendations with promotional or curated content suggestions.

Control the user interface to push trending content, recently released movies, personalized recommendations or new season openers or finales. Sure, HBO is available with HBO Go, but it’s better when HBO, NFL, NCAA, Disney are all together in one easy package.

With the right platform you will be able to remind your customers every time they interact with your video service that it is the “best place for the best content”.

The right platforms have the data to show increased customer engagement, higher satisfaction and lower churn. The right platform supports millions of users and performs reliably at scale. The right platform provides the flexibility to manage a smooth transition from your legacy infrastructure.

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