The Minerva platform features a broad set of HTML-5 and native Clients that provide a highly engaging entertainment experience. Intuitive navigation, personalization, recommendations and filters let users find and enjoy relevant content easily and quickly. The Minerva Clients are supported across a broad range of hybrid and pure IP set-top boxes, as well on a broad number of connected consumer devices.

Rich Feature Set
  • Personalization with recommendations for live and on demand content
  • EPG and VOD with search and filters
  • Whole home DVR and network-based time shifting services (Restart TV, Catch-up TV, nDVR)
  • OTT content sources integration
  • Cross-device parental controls
  • Companion screen integration


Broad Device Support
  • IP set-top boxes
  • Hybrid set-top boxes
  • Streaming media players
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

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