Friday, August 21st

If you missed our session about Minerva’s solution for helping operators determine how best to move forward with the FCC C-band proposals, the full webinar recording is available via the registration on the right.

During the webinar, Minerva offered a three step process that gives both flexibility and control to manage the transition in a way that best meets business needs and preserves and enhances subscriber television experiences.  Whether operating a cable or IP video service, the legacy satellite infrastructure can be shut down and  all existing STB customers can easily be switched to the new video source without any disruption in service.  And when ready, on day one or at a later time, OTT services can be added to extend the reach to consumer friendly devices including mobile, PCs, Smart TVs, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku.  Minerva also offers full multicast to managed set-top boxes, including Android TV STBs if needed.   Watch the webinar to learn more.