November 2020

The team at Minerva is proud to celebrate GO’s recent win for Best Business App by Malta’s eBusiness Awards. From our experience working closely with the GO team, we’ve come to appreciate their forward thinking mindset and commitment to innovation. Many of their ideas and suggestions have made it into our product roadmap and overall UI/UX design. Those ideas are now present in the product for all of our customers to enjoy.

One example of GO’s thought leadership is how they transformed their business model. When looking to upgrade from their legacy Minerva platform, GO fully embraced the streaming business model and switched from a traditional channel packaged based TV service to a full pay-per-stream model. This new approach helps them appeal more to the younger generation prone to consume content on mobile devices. GO also quickly responded to the COVID-19 lock-down, and generously offered free GO TV app access to all people residing in Malta, whether, GO customers or not. These are two great examples of how operators can transform their business model and expand their market to drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction. This award is proof their approach is working!

To learn more, check out the awards announcement and GO’s website.