Market studies from Parks Associates and others show that direct-to-consumer video services are eating into pay TV subscriber totals. No surprise. After all, US consumers have more than 220 OTT video services to choose from. But guess what, those subscribers give up on direct-to-consumer services at even HIGHER rates. HBO, Sling, Direct TV Now and others have extremely high churn rates, some in excess of 50%. That’s right, fifty percent! With losing stats like those, it’s plain to see how pay TV can be “the best place for the best content.”

The increasingly hostile paid video market is even more challenging for the direct to consumer services. They offer only a single service. They have no local presence. Many lack sufficient brand strength or marketing reach. Ultimately, they are only as good as their own content. However, for those Pay TV operators who have the full portfolio of content rights and are willing to embrace the future, opportunity awaits. How? Exploit the natural advantages operators have in the market, copy good ideas from the other guys and make it all happen with a proven platform.

Become the “best place for the best content.” Minerva can show you how.