Mobi wasn’t the first to fall victim of the ruthless market of IP based television. The history of IPTV platforms is littered with major players overwhelmed by the complexity and costs. Companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and Motorola invested tens of billions before giving up. Smaller companies like Myrio and Kasenna showed a promising start but lost their way after acquisitions by bigger players who then lost interest.  

The common failure was that for technical efficiency and expediency, they took a “one size fits all” approach. Unfortunately that ignored the reality that TV operators have existing investments they can’t simply walk away from.  And market requirements vary by region. So the operators’ business imperatives of working within the existing infrastructure and workflows work against the vendors’ “one size fits all” method.  Instead a “best of breed” technical solution is needed to expand the market reach.  This philosophy is the foundation upon which the Minerva platform was built. With the core flexibility of the platform, Minerva can offer a standardized multi-tenant cloud solution for one region, and a different standardized cloud solution for a different region.  And customers who need on-premise or private cloud solutions and easily configure the Minerva platform for their environments. Without custom software.

The Minerva platform was conceived as the central control point for all the functions and ecosystem components needed to run the system “out of the box”. From day one, the goal was to empower the operators to do whatever they need or want to do, and do it themselves, without custom engineering and expensive system integration services. More advanced integration through standard APIs is possible but not required to get up and running quickly. Operators can customize their client UI and navigation in-house with drag and drop tools and templates. They can configure business rules, offer personalized content, and create new products and services quickly with simple workflows and automation. In fact, our most successful customers use the platform tools to curate, highlight and promote content to produce dramatic improvements in user engagement and satisfaction. Which of course can be measured and tracked by the platform’s analytics.

By offering pre-integrated cloud based infrastructure, operators can launch in weeks not years. By including tools and training, operators can manage and maintain their service and invest in content marketing to grow subscribers and improve monetization. And at the same time, almost completely eliminate the need for a heavy support commitment from Minerva. This allows us to focus on new features and services to keep our operator customers happy and nimble in this tricky market.

Mobi had a good idea. But that good idea got gut punched by market realities and is down for the count. But a better idea, one that is more adaptable and resilient is already available and serving hundreds of operators and millions of subscribers worldwide. Something no other company can claim.  Minerva has the proof of surviving the lessons from the front line. And Minerva can get you up and running in 6 weeks. Ask us how. Join us at our “Live in 6” webinar May 25th.