Minerva’s Open Web Services API and Oregan’s STB Client architecture enable operators to offer next generation services while preserving existing investment in legacy set-top boxes

April 29, 2015, London, UK – TV Connect Minerva Networks, a leading provider of software solutions for the delivery of entertainment services, will demonstrate integration with Oregan Network’s set-top box client, showcasing the flexibility of the Minerva 10 platform along with the unique capabilities Oregan has developed to deliver an exceptional user experience across a broad range of set-top box (STB) models currently deployed by operators.

Integration was done through Minerva’s open web services API framework that enables the delivery of program metadata and other subscriber information in a format supported by Oregan’s STB client. The web services are accelerated via Minerva’s Edge node, which supports a consistent and responsive user experience while dramatically reducing bandwidth and latency requirements between the clients and Minerva’s Back Office.

“More than ever, operators are requiring flexible service management platforms that can enable the delivery of compelling services while preserving past investments in set-top boxes.” said Jean-Georges Fritsch, Minerva’s CTO. “The integration we are demonstrating at TV Connect with Oregan’s STB Client showcases the benefits and flexibility of our Minerva 10 platform.”

Oregan’s embedded STB client is a telco grade solution for hybrid broadcast and broadband video over IP services that can be deployed across a wide range of set-top boxes – including those that operators may have deployed in the past with other client middleware or UI’s.

“Our proven set-top box technology offers operators a cost effective means to enhance the functionality and user experience of currently deployed CPE products,” said Mark Perry, Oregan’s CEO. “In combination with Minerva’s flexible and powerful Service Management Platform, we are able to significantly reduce the cost, risk and complexity for operators transitioning to next generation services, whilst preserving their investment in legacy STBs.”

Minerva will be demonstrating the Minerva 10 platform at TV Connect London stand #59. Minerva 10 has been shortlisted for the TV Connect 2015 Awards for Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV & OTT TV.


Minerva is a leading provider of software platforms for connected entertainment. By supporting a best of breed open ecosystem, the Minerva platform has been deployed by over 290 operators worldwide to offer enhanced next-generation TV entertainment services.

For more information, please visit www.minervanetworks.com


Oregan’s offering encapsulates best of breed processes and assets that are used for the deployment and management of open standards-based middleware by network carriers and content service providers globally. The company provides systems design and engineering services, addressing complexities associated with the quality-critical components of digital media distribution: client security, quality of service and user experience – throughout the product lifecycle. During the 18 years of continuous innovation – in step with the evolution of television, the London-based company has powered over 6 million set top boxes and gaming consoles deployed by leading telecoms operators and CE brands, including British Telecom, Telefonica, CAT Telecom, NTT, Sony, Philips and Sharp.

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