It’s been a big week for RDK, with 20 members of the Reference Design Kit community showing off their wares at the Cable Show. Among all the demos is some news. Minerva, a provider of software solutions for the delivery of TV services over broadband networks, secured a license from Comcast to develop against Comcast’s RDK.

The agreement lets Minerva integrate its The Minerva Platform client with the RDK software stack, so that ops can shorten the introduction of new interactive pay-TV services. Last week, Hillcrest Labs announced it was the first motion control technology provider to license the RDK software stack from Comcast.

Why is the RDK so important? As a pre-integrated software bundle of shared source component, it significantly accelerates the launch of new hardware and software, including the deployment of next-generation services such as cloud-based functionality and enhanced guides.

Want more RDK? There is a self-guided RDK tour map for the Cable Show available here.