IPH8000M IPTV Set-top box, IPH8005M HD-DVR, and Whole Home DVR Solution Certified for Minerva’s iTVFusion™ Middleware Platform

Pace, a global leader for digital TV and broadband technology solutions for service providers, announced today that its award-winning IPTV set-top boxes (STB), including its Whole Home DVR system, have been certified by Minerva to meet the stringent requirements of their Minerva IPTV middleware platform.

Minerva’s platform is one of the most widely deployed IPTV service management solutions in the industry today. The open nature of the platform enables operators to choose from a broad selection of third party encoders, video servers, conditional access systems, and STBs to assemble pre-certified solutions that best meet their budget and deployment requirements. The platform features a complete set of advanced television applications including EPG, PPV, VOD, SVOD, STB and network-based DVR, Whole Home DVR, Pause of Live TV, and Restart TV.

The Pace IPH8000M IPTV STB, IPH8005M HD-DVR, and combined Whole Home DVR solution have now been certified with the Minerva iTVFusion client. Pace IPTV products and Minerva’s platform are already widely deployed with service providers around the world.

Pace’s IPH8000M IPTV STB provides a cost-optimized, high-performance non-DVR STB, which supports multiple wired connectivity options including Ethernet and HomePNA over coax. Using HomePNA to deliver IPTV over an existing in-home coax network, operators can save significantly on installation costs.

The Pace IPH8005M advanced HD-DVR is a high-performance, compact Whole Home DVR solution utilizing a field-removable hard drive for DVR functionality. By allowing for quick technician removal of the hard disk, operators can reduce service costs and simplify logistics when servicing customer returns. In addition, the IPH8005M offers quiet operation and a low-temperature, fanless design.

“Pace’s certification on the Minerva iTVFusion platform provides exciting opportunities for both companies, and enables us to deliver a great user experience in Whole Home network environments on widely deployed, industry-leading hardware solutions,” said Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva Networks. “With Pace, we continue to partner on innovative products and solutions for our service provider customers.”

“Combining Minerva’s proven service management platform with Pace’s advanced IPTV STB and HD-DVR products, provides a high-performance Whole Home DVR solution for service providers, enabling them to deliver and distribute compelling and innovative services in and around the home,” added Tim O’Loughlin, President, Pace Americas, LLC.

The IPH8000M IPTV STB, IPH8005M HD-DVR, and combined Whole Home DVR system are now available for commercial deployment.

About Pace

Pace (LSE: PIC) is a leading provider of technology solutions to the PayTV and Broadband industries. With a broad portfolio of customer premise equipment, network solutions, and software and services, Pace empowers service providers to simply and cost-effectively innovate at the speed they want, and to define the evolution of their networks in the way they want for their subscribers. Pace has built up its experience and expertise over 30 years and this is recognized by a customer base of over 200 operators around the globe.

Headquartered in the UK, Pace operates in markets across the world, and employs around 2300 people in locations that also include the USA, France, India, and China.

About Minerva Networks, Inc.

Minerva is a leading provider of service and subscriber management solutions for the delivery of multiscreen television services. Over 300 operators worldwide have deployed Minerva’s software platform to offer next-generation entertainment services to their subscribers.

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