Policy Resource Manager

Optimize Network Utilization and User Experience

Minerva’s Policy Resource Manager (PRM) enforces operator defined rules to determine which stream each client should use based on the user’s context and device.  Set rules based on location (IP address), network type (e.g., 5G, 4G, Wifi), content provider (e.g., HBO, Disney), or time of day. Operators can also tag specific devices or content in the system and create custom rules. With PRM, you will never have to worry about wasted bandwidth.

Manage Peak Loads

Prime time and major sports events are known to increase loads on the network. Use PRM to deliver lower bitrate streams during those recurring or scheduled events and protect your network capacity.

Enforce Content Rights

Often content rights will restrict users to be on the operator’s network or in a limited geographic area. By tagging specific content groups PRM can block their playback on devices that are outside of the approved network or geography.

Restrict Concurrent Streams

Operators face significant challenges with account sharing, especially when it comes to premium events that draw a lot of users. To combat account sharing, PRM can track and limit the number of simultaneous streams delivered to a particular account.

Enable New Business Models

PRM can also enable operators to offer premium services that allow subscribers to access more simultaneous streams during special events. For example, a basic service might restrict streaming of sports events to STBs, but an operator could offer a premium package that allows one or more mobile streams during those sports events.