Now even Snap is in the video originals business.  Faced with direct to consumer video offerings, national vMVPDs, mercurial millennial behavior,  costly and complex content rights, rapidly changing technology, and investor and financial scrutiny, what does a TV service provider do to regain control?

Answer: Be the Best Place For The Best Content.

In spite of the challenges, TV operators still have advantages they can exploit to win.  While it might sound threatening that direct-to-consumer apps can “break the bundle” and give users choice, they carry inherent weaknesses:

  • Users have to keep track of which app is used to access each piece of content
  • Apps make it easy to “binge and bolt” leading to very high churn
  • Every month user gets to see itemized bills and decide if it’s worth it
  • Unused apps remind people they aren’t being used

And those pesky national vMVPDs or OTT providers can’t offer:

  • offer single billing
  • broad ranging service bundles with discounts
  • local support

Subscriber loss will continue unless action is taken.  To fight back and regain control:

  • Act now.  Waiting leads to more subscriber loss and higher costs to recover.  It’s more expensive to recover a lost customer or win a new customer than keep an existing one.
  • Invest.  In your network.  In your next gen TV delivery platform.  Cloud solutions avoid large upfront investments and can deliver a compelling experience to STBs and consumer devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, phones and tablets.
  • Market like a leader.  Content is king.  So operators must prove to their subscribers every time they tune in that they are the “Best Place For The Best Content”.  To do that, use a platform that provides the tools to promote specific content, create personalized watch lists and change the visual presentation to keep the user interaction interesting and viewers engaged.

The Minerva YourTV Now cloud service gives operators the fastest path and full control they need to cost effectively deliver a compelling TV services to popular devices (included STBs).  Minerva’s platform gives operators the ability to continuously update the UI to promote interesting content and encourage deeper engagement.

Follow the leader.  Minerva’s platform has proven to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Pay TV Industry Minerva Customer Results
(>1M subscribers vs legacy cable system)
Best Content, Best Discovery, Best Delivery
20% Pay TV Industry dissatisfied users, 2018  +10 NPS Improvement
-20 average Pay TV NPS score, Q3 2017 70% typical non-linear usage/month
-3.1% Pay TV industry satisfaction decline, 2017-2018 60% typical OTT usage/month
+40 NPS for Netflix,Q3 2017 -15% reduction in churn after adding OTT


Act now to regain control.