Turn Your Recordings Into Highlights


The Minerva Smart Recordings feature takes a plain vanilla recording and makes it, well, interesting and smart! We call it My Highlights.  Smart Recordings goes beyond compressing a game into a short form video snippet. Instead, users are given control to personalize the highlights to match their areas of interest and available time.

In a hurry? Ask for a 2 minute highlight reel. Have a favorite player on your fantasy team? Gen up a highlight reel of best action for that player. Only interested in 3 point shots? No problem. Click and enjoy.

NBA Smart Recordings Highlights

NFL Smart Recordings Highlights

Soccer Highlights

Soccer Smart Recordings Highlights

MLB Highlights

MLB Smart Recordings Highlights

Minerva is also exploring how to use the same concept to non-sports programming. Intelligently combining AI and machine vision analysis tools to generate content metadata tags, Minerva can create custom highlight reels on the fly. Click the videos below to see how Smart Highlights is applied to political debates.

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Check out our Presidential Debate highlights too!

First Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate

Final Presidential Debate