February 5, 2021

Live sports is a key advantage for pay TV services over OTT streaming apps. Marketers need to find ways to both differentiate their services and create the kind of engagement with viewers that enjoy premium sports content, especially for the 10 foot living room experience.

The upcoming Super Bowl offers an example. While most viewers will watch the Super Bowl from start to finish, sports fans can never get enough. Whether before the game, during the game or after the game, avid fans are eager for any content they can get on their favorite teams and players. But everyone is pressed for time.  That’s why Minerva developed the Sports Highlights feature. Users can now personalize how they watch games they missed or rewatch games of their favorite teams.

Minerva’s unique Sports Highlights feature captures all the best action during the game and lets the user compress the time of the game to fit the time available, or allows users to watch all the plays, penalties, and touchdowns with a click of the remote. If that’s not enough, follow a specific player throughout the game. Perfect for sports fantasy league gamers. This is a new way to enjoy recorded content and it is enabled by combining AI video analysis with an innovative client user experience.

Minerva Smart Highlights is a revolution in the application of cloud DVR technology. Unique in the TV industry, this feature is available in apps that run on the most popular platforms. And with the NFL season coming to a close, Minerva is already generating highlights for NBA Basketball and the major soccer leagues around the globe.