MultiRights OTT Cloud-based Security Protects Premium Content on Fully Hosted Multi-screen Service for Cable and Telco Operators

San Diego – November 6, 2018 – Verimatrix, a specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for network-connected devices and services, today announced that its MultiRights OTT™ solution has been deployed to secure the new YourTV Now service from Minerva Networks. Completely hosted via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud™, MultiRights OTT offers subscribers of YourTV Now fa transparent consumption experience by harmonizing multiple DRMs via a common platform for comprehensive security for the multi-screen service.

YourTV Now, built on the proven Minerva 10 platform, is a turnkey, white-labeled solution, hosted and managed by Minerva, that offers advanced pay TV services to set-top boxes and popular streaming media devices. MultiRights OTT not only provides a common infrastructure for multi-DRM management for YourTV Now, but also ensures long term maintenance of the solution as component technologies evolve.

“Verimatrix was the obvious security partner for us to launch this new and innovative OTT service with,” said Mauro Bonomi, CEO of Minerva Networks. “YourTV Now gives operators the opportunity to offer advanced TV services on existing set-tops and new streaming media devices with the operational advantages of the cloud. By integrating with the leader in IP-based security, operators can also get access to premium content to boost their competitive edge.”

The goal for the end-users of MultiRights OTT is a completely transparent subscriber experience in a multi-DRM universe. By leveraging MultiRights, operators can deploy multi-network services with the knowledge that they have a platform that will absorb changes in security schemes as they occur while evolving compelling multi-screen services. The solution provides extensible support for the leading DRMs including VCAS™ for Internet TV, PlayReady, FairPlay Streaming, Primetime and Widevine.

“The flexibility built into MultiRights OTT and the Verimatrix Secure Cloud gives operators confidence to upgrade their services and mitigate risk,” said Steve Oetegenn, president of Verimatrix. “Minerva’s YourTV Now is another great example of how cloud-based technologies are transforming video delivery for operators of all sizes.”

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